Official 2024 Training Program

Perfect for our sports team

The CPR/AED & First Aid training was perfect for our sports team. As a coach, it’s crucial to be prepared for any situation. The course was thorough and directly applicable to the field.

Course was invaluable

As a teacher, this course was invaluable. It’s given me the skills to ensure the safety of my students in any emergency. The online format was convenient and comprehensive.

Glad I took it

Needed to get this for school. I’m glad I took it as I actually learned quite a bit.

Learned a lot

I’m going to be a lifeguard this summer so needed to get this cert. I already took one training at the country club, but this one was definitely better and I learned a lot.

Might come in handy

Might come in handy here on the construction site. At least this way i’ll be prepared. Recommend.