Official 2024 Training Program

Toyota’s #1 priority is safety

Toyota’s #1 priority is safety. Managing a manufacturing campus of 10,000 employees, compliance is something we take very seriously. Employee safety is paramount, therefore we mandate appropriate personnel be competent and certified.

Far and away the best

I’ve taken (compliance) training at least 3 times over my career, but the American Health training was far and away the best. The videos were in-depth and engaging and the support was extremely helpful.

Perfect for our sports team

The CPR/AED & First Aid training was perfect for our sports team. As a coach, it’s crucial to be prepared for any situation. The course was thorough and directly applicable to the field.

Course was invaluable

As a teacher, this course was invaluable. It’s given me the skills to ensure the safety of my students in any emergency. The online format was convenient and comprehensive.

Glad I took it

Needed to get this for school. I’m glad I took it as I actually learned quite a bit.

Learned a lot

I’m going to be a lifeguard this summer so needed to get this cert. I already took one training at the country club, but this one was definitely better and I learned a lot.

Might come in handy

Might come in handy here on the construction site. At least this way i’ll be prepared. Recommend.