Official 2024 Training Program

Amazing and informational

The training was amazing and informational. Would definitely equip someone to better recognize a potential human trafficking incident.

Best course i’ve taken

I’ve been a Speech Pathologist for over 5 years and this was definitely the best course I’ve taken so far.  I liked that the training was mostly videos, and wasn’t a lot of reading like all of the other trainings i’ve done.

I feel better prepared

As a healthcare professional, this course provided me with the knowledge to recognize and respond to victims of trafficking in a medical setting. I feel better prepared, along with a responsibility to be aware of my surroundings. .

It’s changed how we operate

Working in transportation, I didn’t realize my role in combating human trafficking until this course. It’s changed how we operate and ensure passenger safety. Highly recommend it to all in the sector.


The human trafficking training was transformative for our law enforcement unit. It’s enhanced our investigative techniques and victim support strategies.

It’s essential training

As a hotel manager, this course opened my eyes to the signs of human trafficking. We’ve since implemented new protocols, making our premises safer. It’s essential training for the hospitality industry.