Official 2024 Training Program

Love love love

Love love love! We were able to enroll our team in less than 20 minutes and the process with smooth and easy. We also had an overall good reception from our employees with some even proposing ideas that they learned from the training to implement in our workplace.

Making a real difference

As a nurse in a NICU, the PALS course is a great refresher for professional development. It’s sharpened my abilities to respond effectively in critical situations, making a real difference in the lives of our youngest patients.

Surprised how affordable

Had to take the training for med school. Was surprised how affordable it was. Had 1 small issue but the customer support helped me through it.

A++ all around

Signed up our whole staff with no issues. A++ all around.

Very satisfied

Very satisfied with the flexibility and ease of use of the course. Was able to sit down and complete everything from my phone in the airport.

What helpful staff

What helpful staff, good course too. On top of that, extremely affordable.

Thorough review of pediatric care

The PALS course was a thorough review of pediatric care. As a pediatric nurse, it reinforced my skills and introduced new techniques that have directly impacted how I care for my young patients.